What is PKKSF?

We are a team of change-makers who believe in what Kunju Sahib started by giving a helping hand to those in need and create a better future for them.

Janab PK Kunju Sahib was a genius who stood out among our rulers with extraordinary foresight, efficiency and social commitment. Living in the bosom of wealth, he gave up all his fortunes and became a part of the national freedom movement during his education. State Lottery and Kerala Financial Corporation were established during his tenure as Minister. The MSM educational complex he started paved the way for the cultural and social renaissance of Central Thiruvithankur. PK Kunju Sahib Foundation has been formed to expand and carry forward the socio-educational activities started by him and to carry out philanthropic activities. Headquartered in Kayamkulam, this foundation is aiming for meaningful activities across Kerala.

Our Vision

The vision of PK Kunju Sahib Foundation is to create a world where every individual’s dreams are nurtured and empowered, regardless of their circumstances. We envision a society where opportunities are accessible to all, and where each person’s potential can soar to new heights.


Our Mission

Our mission at PK Kunju Sahib Foundation is to uplift and transform lives by providing a platform that supports education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood initiatives. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire hope, instill resilience, and empower underprivileged communities to chase their dreams fearlessly.


Giving Wings to Dream

The symbolism of “Giving Wings to Dreams” embodies our commitment to enabling individuals to soar beyond limitations. The wings represent the power of education, compassion, and support that we offer, fostering the growth and development of dreams. Just as wings allow a bird to explore new horizons and reach heights previously unimaginable, our foundation aspires to be the catalyst that propels dreams into reality, lifting spirits and transforming lives along the way. Together, we believe that no dream is too ambitious, and through collective efforts, we can make a profound impact on the world.

Our Team

Sheik P Harriz


Dr. Sajith P Hameed


Safeer P Harriz


A A Sirajudeen

Vice President

P S Zulphiker Ali

Joint Secretary

Yasin Harriz

Executive Member

Sadath Hameed

Executive Member